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173 "Originality does not mean thinking something that was never thought before; it means putting old ideas together in new ways."

173. 创造性不是指想人们没有想过的东西;而是以新方式将旧观点组织在一起。

174 "Laws should not be rigid or fixed. Instead, they should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places."

174. 法律不应该太僵化、太固定。他们应该是灵活的,考虑到各种实际情况、时间和地点。

175 "It is always an individual who is the impetus for innovation; the details may be worked out by a team, but true innovation results from the enterprise and unique perception of an individual."

175. 总是某个个人推动了革新;可能由团队完成细节,但是真正的革新来自于个人的进取心与不寻常的洞察力。

176 "The function of science is to reassure; the purpose of art is to upset. Therein lies the value of each."

176. 科学的目的是使人们安心,艺术的目的是使人们不安。这就是它们各自的价值。

177 "The study of an academic discipline alters the way we perceive the world. After studying the discipline, we see the same world as before, but with different eyes."

177. 对学术的研究改变了我们感知世界的方式。探究了这些领域之后,看同样的世界,却是不同的视角。

178 "It is possible to pass laws that control or place limits on people s behavior, but legislation cannot reform human nature. Laws cannot change what is in people s hearts and minds."

178. 控制、限制人们行为的法律可能建立,但是立法不能改变人们的本性,法律无法改变人们的所思所想。

179 "What most human beings really want to attain is not knowledge, but certainty. Gaining real knowledge requires taking risks and keeping the mind open -- but most people prefer to be reassured rather than to learn the complex and often unsettling truth about anything."

179. 人类真正希望获取的不是知识,而是确定性。获取真正的知识需要冒险,并且要有开放的心灵,但是大多数人更喜欢确定感,而不是去了解事物复杂的,甚至是使人不安的真相。

180 "Many problems of modern society cannot be solved by laws and the legal system BECause moral behavior cannot be legislated."

180. 现代社会的许多问题是法律和司法系统不能解决的,因为道德行为无法立法。

181 "The way students and scholars interpret the materials they work with in their academic fields is more a matter of personality than of training.
Different interpretations come about when people with different personalities look at exactly the same objects, facts, data, or events and see different things."

181. 研究者和学者们诠释他们研究领域的资料时,更多的是一种个人化的行为,而不是拥有客观的标准。当个性不同的人看待完全相同的物体、事实、数据或者事件时,会给出不同的诠释,看到不同的东西。

182 "It is dangerous to trust only intelligence."

182. 只相信智力是危险的。(Intelligence:The faculty of thought and reason. 故智力-理性相对于直觉-感性,我的理解)

183 "As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible , but more complex and more mysterious."

183. 随着我们获取的知识越来越多,事情不是变得更好理解,而是变得更复杂更神秘。

184 "It is a grave mistake to theorize before one has data."

184. 在没有证据之前就得出理论,是重大错误。

185 "Scandals -- whether in politics, academia, or other areas -- can be useful. They focus our attention on problems in ways that no speaker or reformer ever could."

185. 丑闻,不管是政治、学术还是其他领域,都是有用的。它们能吸引人们的注意力,而使我们聚焦于问题,以一种演讲者和改革家都做不到的方式。

186 "Practicality is now our GREat idol, which all powers and talents must serve. Anything that is not obviously practical has little value in today s world."

186. 现在,实用性是我们最大的追求,所有的力量和聪明才智都应为其努力。任何没有明显实用性的东西在当今世界都是没有价值的。

187 "It is easy to welcome innovation and accept new ideas. What most people find difficult, however, is accepting the way these new ideas are put into practice."

187. 人们很容易欢迎革新和接受新思想。但是,人们发现最困难的是接受把新思想应用到实践中来的方式。

188 "Success, whether academic or professional, involves an ability to survive in a new environment and, eventually, to change it."

188. 成功,不管是学术上还是专业上的,都包括适应新环境并最终改变它的能力。

189 "If people disregard the great works of the past, it is because these works no longer answer the needs of the present."

189. 如果人们忽视了过去的伟大成就,那是因为这些成就已不能再回应目前的需要。

190 "As long as people in a society are hungry or out of work or lack the basic skills needed to survive, the use of public resources to support the arts is inappropriate -- and, perhaps, even cruel -- when one considers all the potential uses of such money."

190. 当人们挨饿、失业或者缺少维持生存的基本技能时,动用公众资源来支持艺术就不合适了,也许,考虑到这些金钱的所有可能用途时,就更不人道了。

191 "Education should be equally devoted to enriching the personal lives of students and to training students to be productive workers."

191. 教育应该把这两件事看得同等重要-丰富学生的个人生活,把学生培养成生产者。

192 "Success in any realm of life comes more often from taking chances or risks than from careful and cautious planning."

192. 生活各个方面的成功更多是来自机遇或者冒险,而不是仔细和谨慎的规划。

193 "It is not the headline-making political events but the seldom-reported social tranformations that have the most lasting significance."

193. 更有持久影响的不是头版头条的政治事件,而是鲜有报道的社会变革。

194 "The best preparation for life or a career is not learning to be competitive, but learning to be cooperative."

194. 为生活和工作做的最好准备,不是学会竞争,而是学会合作。

195 "The goal of politics should not be the pursuit of an ideal, but rather the search for common ground and reasonable consensus."

195. 政治的目标不应是追求一个理想状态,而是寻找共同点和合情合理的共识。

196 "Technology creates more problems than it solves, and may threaten or damage the quality of life."

196. 科技产生的问题多于所解决的,可能威胁或降低人们的生活质量。

197 "The material progress and well-being of one country are necessarily connected to the material progress and well-being of all other countries."

197. 一个国家的生活质量提高和社会的安定是和其他所有国家的生活质量提高和社会安定密不可分的。

198 "Instead of encouraging conformity, society should show greater appreciation of individual differences."

198. 社会应该赞赏个性差异,而不是鼓励一致统一。

199 "Truly innovative ideas do not arise from groups of people, but from in dividuals. When groups try to be creative, the members force each other to compromise and, as a result, creative ideas tend to be weakened and made more conventional. Most original ideas arise from individuals working alone."

199. 真正创新的思想不是来自群体,而是来自个人。当一个群体试图创新时,群体中的成员使得彼此相互妥协,最终削弱集体的创造性,趋向遵循传统。大部分创造性思想来自于个人的独立工作。

200 "The most elusive knowledge is self-knowledge, and it is usually acquired through solitude, rather than through interaction with others."

200. 最难的莫过于认知自我,通常只能通过独处,而非与他人交往来了解自己。

201 "The purpose of education should be to provide students with a value system, a standard, a set of ideas -- not to prepare them for a specific job."

201. 教育的目的应是给学生提供一个价值系统,标准以及一系列理念,而不是使他们为某一特定工作做好准备。

202 "Unlike great thinkers and great artists, the most effective political leaders must often yield to public opinion and abandon principle for the sake of compromise."

202. 和伟大的思想家、艺术家不同,最有效力的政治领导者必须经常向公众舆论让步,有时为了折衷要放弃原则。

203 "The best way to understand the character of a society is to examine the character of the men and women that the society chooses as its heroes or its heroines."

203. 了解社会特征的最佳方式就是研究那个社会所认为的英雄人物的特征。

204 "We learn through direct experience; to accept a theory without experie ncing it is to learn nothing at all."

204. 我们通过直接经验学习;没有通过实践而接受一个理论是学不到任何东西的。

205 "As societies all over the world have more and more access to new infor mation, the effects on life-long learning can only be positive."

205. 全世界的人有越来越多的途径来获取新信息,这对终身学习只会有积极的推动作用。

206 "People are too quick to take action; instead they should stop to think of the possible consequences of what they might do."

206. 人们行动太快了;他们应该停下来想一想行动的可能后果。

207 "Rituals and ceremonies help define a culture. Without them, societies or groups of people have a diminished sense of who they are."

207. 典礼和仪式有助于确立一种文化,否则人们的社会或群体的角色归属感削弱。

208 "The way people look, dress, and act reveals their attitudes and interests. You can tell much about a society s ideas and values by observing the appearance and behavior of its people."

208. 人们的眼神、衣着和行动表现出他们的态度和兴趣。你可以通过观察人们的外表和行为来获知许多这个社会的思想和价值观。

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