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  a different journey


  什么样子的Journey 什么时间 什么地点 和谁

  I would like to tell you a different journey that I would remember forever. I went to mountain climbing with my classmates last May Day. This was the first time I climbed mountain without my father’s help. It’s so hard for me to fish this tough task BECause I was a little weak at that time as a result of lacking of doing exercises. The mountain is too high to move on. However, my classmates were so excited that they didn’t realize I was so tired. I tried my best to climb to the top of the mountain and had a rest. When I went down the mountain my legs were so hurt that I suddenly lay down on my back. When I came into consciousness I had already been on my dorm. Several days later they told me that Robin who was the only classmate I dislike carried me down. I was moved to tears because of friendship.


  one happy experience





  I would like to share one with you one of my happy experiences in my childhood. When I was in primary school, the activity of visiting museum in my city was held by our school. It was said that the aim was to arise the pride of the long history of our country. It was a bright day and all of the students in our class were very excited for it was rare for us to do this kind of things. There were so many antiquities of Song Dynasty in the museum, such as Bian embroider, jade stone and so on. We were all shocked by the things that were never seen before. At the same time, all of us know Song Dynasty well. Above all, it is a very meaningful activity through which we learnt more knowledge that couldn’t get from the books.






  One interesting western festival I have learned from the media is the tomato fight festival in Spain in a little town. Every year tens of thousands of people from all over the world come to Spain to join in the fight. It is all about having fun. You can throw tomatoes at anyone and they will GREet you with the same treat. Sooner you will get the red juice all over your body. And people will clean the street after the happy time is over. I think it is a good way for making friends and I wish we had this type of festival in my country.

  As for the eastern festival, I would like to share with you the Spring festival in china, which is the most important one of the year. It is time for us to say goodbye to the past and welcome a new beginning. And for Chinese people who value family, the delight is being able to sit at the same table having the rich dinner with people you love and care about.


  思路: 儿童时期教育的重要性 谈现在中国人于儿童教育不同的重视程度

  A research done by an authoritative agency has shown that the kids who get well educations in their early ages are more capable to deal with diffculties in their ways of growing up , so it’s very important to offer young kids a good education.

  Nowadays Chinese parents are paying more attention to kids’ education ,the first reason is that people are getting rich and they don’t need to worry about how to feed their kids with limited income any more.The second reason is that people are more aware of the importance of early-age education. The last reason I think is that the one-child police has been carried out by the government , having only one child makes the parents want to offer their kids all they have to make their kids feel happy and get better opportunities.






  I am crazy about cars, in my spare time, I like collecting the modes of cars. Therefore, I want to buy a luxury black car named Benz when I graduate from university, because it is very convenient and useful. I can drive it for travelling and go to school and work so that I can’t wait for a bus for half an hour and crowd with different people. It is also time saving if I drive to whatever I want. Although a car costs more than a bike or motorcar, I would prefer to buy it.






  In my spare time, I like watching movies most, and I have already seen Forrest Gump for many times. Every time I watch it, I will get some new things. The most impressive lines is life is like a box of chocolates, you never you never know what you‘re gonna get. Yeah, life is like a journey which is full of unknowns and obstacles. The movie’s beginning is a symbol of the process of life, a feather flying on the sky floating everywhere without directions and was blown by the strong winds. It is a coincidence that the destiny of Forrest reveals the truth of life. When he is a kid, his mother often tells him he is ordinary as everyone. Jenny gives him confidence and their kid is so smart. It is a comedy to some extend. Movie is not a way to relax but also provides us advices.






  As for the sports event, I would like to talk about the hottest one during these days. It is the NBA competition between the team Rocket and LAL. It was said that the power of the team LAL went far beyond the power of the team Rocket because there are many basketball superstars there, such as Kobe, the talent of basketball and so on. However, after the first competition, all of the audience cheered for the victory of Rocket and changed their views, for all of the members of the Rocket tried their best to win the game even though some of the members hurt badly. Now the result is 3:3. In the following days, the fierce competition will go on and I really expect the team Rocket can win the game because I am moved deeply by the persistence of all the team members

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